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[ Discord » Moderation Rules ]


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[ Discord » Moderation Rules ]


Rule 1 - User Conduct Within the Network

Player toxicity in any form, such as threats, name-calling, or other harmful behavior through voice, text, or images, is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated on Cloudo Networks. Cloudo Networks is a multi-game server designed for everyone to socialize, have a great time, and enjoy various games. All members should be treated with respect, and any form of abuse is unacceptable.

Rule 2 -  Content Promotion and Relevance

Unapproved advertising is strictly prohibited in this Discord server. Prior approval must be obtained from designated authorities before engaging in any form of promotional activity. Advertisements should be relevant to the server's interests and align with its overall purpose. Non-compliance may result in appropriate actions, including warnings, temporary restrictions, or permanent removal from the server. This excludes anyone from our media team.

Rule 2.1 - Scam Prevention

Any attempts at scamming Cloudo Networks members, including suspicious links, fake Nitro offers, steam credit, trades, PayPal offers, and suspicious links, are strictly prohibited. Our server is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its users, and any involvement in such activities will not be tolerated by our team.

Rule 3 - Responsible Use of Discord Systems

At Cloudo Networks, any instances of spam, including activities such as copypastas, word-walling, etc., are strictly prohibited. Additionally, misuse of the system, encompassing actions like unnecessary spoiler tags, full capitalization, tagging developers, staff, or users without proper reason, rapidly switching channels, posting identical content across various channels, and advertising, is not allowed.

Rule 4 - Content Standards for Cloudo Networks

Any images, videos, or messages that explicitly depict, pertain to, or suggest content deemed NSFW or inappropriate for minors—including Sexual References, Nudity, Gore, Pornography, and any Shocking/Disturbing Content are strictly prohibited. At Cloudo Networks, we take pride in maintaining a welcoming environment for users of all ages above 13. To uphold this commitment, kindly refrain from sharing any NSFW content within our server.

Rule 5 - Hate Speech Policy at Cloudo Networks

Any images, videos, or messages intended to offend, provoke, harass, or cause harm to other members through targeted hateful speech or attacks based on a person's Religion, Race, Ethnicity, or Sexuality will not be tolerated at Cloudo Networks. This includes, but is not limited to, instances of Racism, Homophobia, Terrorism, etc.

Rule 6 - Political Content Moderation

Political or World Affairs-related content is not permitted in our server. This space is designed to provide users with a refuge from reality, allowing them to unwind and relax in a welcoming environment outside of the real world. To uphold this intention, content related to politics will be subject to moderation.

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