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[ Forums » Regulations and Guidelines ]


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[ Forums » Regulations and Guidelines ]

The rules outlined below are applicable to all sections of the forums unless specified otherwise in a particular section.


[General Forum Guidelines]

  • All textual material should be submitted in the English language.
  • Refrain from soliciting personal information from any platform member.
    • This includes, but not is limited to,
      • Social Media
      • Phone Numbers
      • Face Reveals
      • Addresses
  • All content on the forums must be appropriate for a general audience.
  • Serious and relevant posts are required in each section/thread; "Shitposting" and AI-generated content are not permitted
    • This rule does not apply to the off-topic sections.
  • Threads/posts/messages shall not include
    • Explicit Content.
    • Threats to life and safety.
    • Suicide/Self-Harm Encouragement.
    • Discrimination or Harassment.
    • Gore and/or Violent Content.
    • Malicious Links.
    • Pirated Content.
    • Copyright/Trademark Infringement.
    • Releasing personal information.
    • Any content deemed harmful to the community.
  • Users must exhibit respectful behavior towards others, avoiding flaming or abusing fellow members.
  • Avoid creating unnecessary drama or "bumping" old threads without valid reasons.
  • Refrain from spamming actions on the forums,
    • This includes but is not limited to;
      • Forum DMs.
      • Posts or Replies.
      • Reactions.
  • Members are restricted to one forum account without explicit approval from a Staff Advisory or higher.
  • Participants are expected to use standard writing practices when contributing to our forums.
    • Examples are;
      • Excessive numbers.
      • Unnecessarily large, small, or multi colored text.
      • Excessive Capitalization
    • Keep the font sizes in applications at the default size, and refrain from editing them to increase the font size.
      • You MAY use it on the following;
        • Questions being asked.
        • Titles / Section Headers.
  • Do not be a 'mini mod' or 'backseat moderate'
    • If you feel that a post is against the forum guidelines, use the report feature.
    • Users constantly acting as moderation personnel will be warned,
  • Do not create fundraisers or solicit money from the community without explicit permission from a Corporate Member.
  • Ensure thread titles accurately and briefly explain the subject.
  • Do not disclose vulnerabilities/exploits.
    • Report findings directly to a Corporate Member.
  • Posts must be made in the relevant forum.


[Rating-Related Guidelines]

  • Votes on applications, suggestions, or changes must use a +1 or -1 voting system.
    • Provide a valid reason to why, as moderation personnel may delete posts with invalid reasons.
    • Slanderous comments, lying on ratings, and targeting applicants for negative ratings are not allowed.
      • Your message will be removed if you make serious claims such as Corruption, Bias, Sabotage, or rule-breaking accusations as they should be reported privately.
    • Images are not allowed in ratings except to constructively support +1 or -1 claims.
  • Users may not argue or discuss ratings on threads;
    • Negative ratings may receive one response from the thread author via private messages.
  • Ratings which come off as hostile or are considered causing drama are subject to be removed at a Forum Moderators discretion.


[Conversation Guidelines]

  • All official forum rules apply to conversations; users can use the "report" feature for rule violations.
  • Information shared in conversations with a Head Administrator+ is strictly confidential unless otherwise stated.
    • Users must seek Head Administrator+ permission to add someone to a conversation,
    • This excludes when inviting a Moderation Personnel or Administration for reporting purposes.
  • Respect the wishes of any Cloudo Forums member requesting not to be messaged.


[Forum Moderation Policy]

  • The forums issue "Verbal Warnings" for minor rule breaks and "Forum Warnings" for continued rule violations.
  • Arguing with Forum Moderation team members after receiving a warning may lead to additional warnings.
    • Unfairly punished users can appeal warnings or bans through the designated forum section.
  • Permanent Forum Bans require approval from a Staff Advisory Member.
  • Moderation Personnel can edit, remove, or put posts/threads on a moderation queue at any time.
  • Moderation Personnel may punish users in conversations if the content violates forum rules.
  • Only the Moderation Personnel and Staff Advisory can process Forum Reports.
  • Only Moderation Personnel are permitted to use Forum Moderation bbCode (i.e. Forum Warning, Thread Locked, etc).
    • This will result in a warning, with repeated violations leading to a forum ban.


[Forum Custom Titles]

  • Forum custom titles must be suitable for all audiences.
  • Custom titles must not violate any rules or policies and should not appear unsightly.
  • Hyperlinks are not allowed in forum custom titles.
  • Custom titles must not exceed one (1) line, and multi-line titles are prohibited.
  • Only alphanumeric characters, spaces, dashes, underscores, or standard symbols are allowed in custom titles.


[Forum Usernames]

  • Forum Usernames must be appropriate and free from profanity or derogatory terms.
  • Usernames may include alphanumeric characters, spaces, dashes, underscores, or standard symbols (!@#$%^&*).
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