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[ TeamSpeak » Server Rules ]


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[ TeamSpeak » Server Rules ]


[General Rules]

  • All individuals connecting to our TeamSpeak Server at ts3.cloudonetworks.com are expected to comply with the terms, rules, restrictions, and guidelines outlined in this agreement.
  • Users with elevated permissions must refrain from kicking, removing ranks, or banning without proper justification.
  • Consistency in names across TeamSpeak, server(s) Forums, and Discords is required.
  • TeamSpeak Rules take precedence over channel rules, they may never override TeamSpeak rules.
  • Use the 5-second rule when joining a channel.
    • This means you must wait 5 seconds before speaking when entering a channel.
      • Violation of this rule in Administration channels may result in a temporary ban.
    • The 5-second rule applies to all channels.
  • Explicit content, threats, discriminatory behavior, harassment, or any harmful activities are strictly prohibited in TeamSpeak.
    • This applies to locked channels
    • Content should be suitable for all ages.
  • Disrespect, harassment, or the creation of unnecessary drama is not permitted.
  • Users are strictly prohibited from releasing personal information without explicit consent.
  • Utilizing TeamSpeak for advertising is only allowed with explicit approval from a Server Leadership Member or higher.
  • Text on TeamSpeak must consist of valid English alphabetical characters and numbers.
    • Example: (!_____________________Name) is not allowed.
    • Users are not allowed to put characters or letters in front of their name to go above others in the channel. [I.E !gainedfunds]
  • Spamming in any form, including chat, poke, voice, music, soundboards, or channel switching, is strictly prohibited.
  • Attempting to circumvent punishments will lead to escalated consequences.
    • This will result in an escalated punishment on all accounts.
  • The use of "Mass Mover" or "No Mover" requires permission from a Server Leadership Member.
  • "Mass Poking" or "Mass Private Messaging" is strictly forbidden without explicit permission.
  • Only Trainers/Staff members are authorized to have a server-specific server group.
  • Breaking the Chain of Command may result in temporary bans.
  • Waiting in Head Admin+ waiting rooms is allowed only if related to rank-specific matters.
  • Trolling or disrupting channel conversations is not permitted.
  • All communication within organizations/staff must utilize our TeamSpeak.
    • Discord and other forms of voice communication shall not be used.
  • Unauthorized distribution of tags will result in the removal of tags.
  • Ensure all disciplinary actions on TeamSpeak are logged in the TeamSpeak Disciplinary log on the Forums.
    • Channel kicks do not need to be logged
      • Abuse of Channel Admin and other channel roles will not be tolerated.
  • Mass removal or addition of channel groups is disallowed.
  • Use of server / channel group hotkeys is strictly forbidden.


[Recording Rules]

  • Avoid using the built-in TS3 recording software.
    • Server Leadership and higher may use TS3 recording software in meeting rooms for the purpose of recording and logging an interview.
  • Recording in meeting rooms requires authorization from the channel manager.
    • Department-based Meeting Rooms are exempt, and users can record conduct violating rules or Terms of Service.


[Channel Rules]

  • Always follow channel codes.
    • Entry into locked channels without channel code require permission from a Channel Admin or higher.
  • Users may not join channels they are not supposed to be in.
  • Rejoining a channel after a kick requires consent from Channel Admins.
  • Channel VIPs are limited in HA+ channels.
  • Channel passwords must not be shared without permission.
  • Do not loiter in rooms that have a specific purpose.
    • For example, going AFK in a public server channel.
    • Any AFK user should be in the AFK channel. 
  • Music Bots & Soundboards are only allowed in private or battalion channels with permission from a Channel Admin or higher.
  • Channel Admin+ has the authority to enforce Channel Rules, including kicks.
  • Private Channels do not exempt users from TeamSpeak Rules.
  • Emoticons in channel names are not allowed.
  • Sub Channels or Waiting Rooms for HA+ must be "Open" and Unlocked.
    • Sub Channels or Waiting Rooms for HA+ may not be "Owned" or "Controlled" by anyone and must have "Waiting Room" in the channel name.
  • Head Admin+ channels can not have a channel code that restricts a rank higher than themselves to join.
    • For example, a Head Admin can not have a channel code that restricts Server Leadership from joining, however they can have a channel code that restricts other Head Admins from joining.
  • Individuals subjected to Channel Mute or Channel Ban must be documented in the channel description where the tag is applied. In compliance with this rule, the channel description should include a clickable link of the user utilizing the "URL=client://" syntax, along with the date when the mute or ban was imposed and a brief explanation for the action.
  • A Channel Admin or higher is authorized to assign the Channel Muted channel group.
  • A user who faces a Channel Ban or Channel Mute in a personal channel (such as Server Leadership or Network Staff) can only appeal the sanction through the designated Channel Designee. There won't be an official appeal process provided on the forums for such cases.
  • A user subjected to a Channel Ban or Channel Mute in a roleplay channel can appeal their sanction to the Staff Advisory of the server associated with that specific channel. There will not be an official appeal process available on the forums for such cases.
  • A user is not eligible for a Channel Ban or Channel Mute in a channel unless it falls under the categories of personal, roleplay, or event channels. To illustrate, the user cannot receive sanctions in channels of the following types:
    • Meeting Rooms
    • Department Rooms (Ex. Human Resources, Staff Recruitment, Training, etc.)
    • Public Rooms
    • Staff Communication Rooms
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